FMSI celebrates 50th EGCS commissioning

FMSI is celebrating its 50th EGCS commissioning -  a significant milestone in seven months that have seen rapid change and growth.

A new state-of-the-art, 40,000 square metre production facility in Batam is operational 24/7 and can produce up to 50 EGCS per month. Depending on vessel needs, EGC units can be delivered within 3 months of ordering.   FMSI has been able to respond quickly at a time when other manufacturers are seeing a decline in orders or their production facilities are at capacity.  Overhaul of processes and systems and investment in a highly skilled workforce have enabled FMSI to flourish.   Above all, the highly experienced and specialist team of Korean line managers, a global sales team, plus new design and R&D facilities has ensured that production remains at the cutting edge.

Mr. CS Jung, COO of FMSI, states: “The 50th EGCS commission is a really significant achievement for all involved. It’s not just a number or list of leading vessel owners – it’s recognition of the significant changes the team has implemented successfully.”

A Reference list, including the commissions is available from the FMSI sales team. Find your nearest sales contact via this site.